Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hi there!

I decided to begin blogging again. This may be attempt #3.....er 4...no...maybe 5th time I sat here thinking that blogging would be fun.

I'll begin this first post in introducing myself. Does anyone remember those "ASL?" days (i.e. Age/Sex/Location) on AIM (i.e. AOL Instant Messenger)? Sheesh, we've come a long way from IMs....

Anyways, I am Amy, 23, and currently residing in Reno, Nevada. I recently graduated from UC Davis with a degree in English and a minor in Communication. And most certainly, I still do not know what exactly my career will be, but I am open for self-discovery and new adventures. Thus, my work experience is totally "jack of all trades" which probably doesn't impress anyone because I don't specialize in anything. Rather, I look at it as the ability to learn quickly and execute tasks independently. I strive to be a problem solver and enjoy meeting all sorts of people along the way.

Lets start from high school, I volunteered dearly with the Trauma Nursing Unit at UC Davis Medical Center, and then jumped into the food industry and hustled the working ladder at Safeway.Then went into calm work environments, from being a student librarian at UC Davis Peter Shields and venture toward the Superior Courthouse of Yolo County in the jury department. Then reaching Reno, I hit a rut. I began looking into Human Resources, but really wished I knew Spanish rather than French, and now my eyes linger around the world world of Social Media.

I find it fascinating that the next generation 90s on, will all have their life recorded digitally. They will have these connections with people, although, they may never meet. A simple Google search can direct you to everything you need to know about a person. However I do know people who are living "off the grid", not technologically inclined, but refuse to join the social media world.

How would you feel if the Internet system suddenly shut down? How would we survive?

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